De Bethune DB28 KIND OF BLUE


The Color…

Blue is a color that lays between violet and green on the spectrum of visible light. The eye perceives blue when observing light with a dominant wavelength between approximately 450 and 495 nanometres. Most blues contain a slight mixture of other colors; azure contains some green, while ultramarine contains some violet.

De Bethune: The Company…

Founded in 2002, De Bethune has quickly developed a reputation for excellence in the world of independent watchmaking. Only making several dozen watches a year, the brand has combined time-honored skills and cutting-edge technology, to carefully craft each piece entirely within the watchmaker’s atelier in the Swiss town of Sainte-Croix.

In 2011, De Bethune was awarded the Aiguille d’Or distinction at the GPHG (Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève) – the prestigious award ceremony’s most coveted title – awarded for the best overall watch in all categories, for the DB28. This limited edition of ten DB28 ‘Kind of Blue’ follows this success, introducing the same watch with a very different aesthetic.

The independent watchmaker is best known for decidedly contemporary design innovations, which firmly push the boundaries of 21st-century horology; in its quest for mechanical perfection.


The Watch…

The Kind of Blue Edition is a fitting demonstration of a multitude of finishes, treatments, and materials that widely recognized DB28 Kind of Blue, the perfect combination of azure and green colors for IA. Is not just a blue color!

Sized at a contemporary 42.6 mm in diameter, the distinctive drum-shaped case of the DB28 is made from blued titanium.

The skeletonized modern interpretation of classic Breguet styling creates a depth and preserving legibility whilst matching the blue aesthetic of the watch. The manufactures articulated, 11.5mm in thickness and 58mm from lug-to-lug. The lugs are spring-loaded, neatly forming around the wrist. The entire watch is given this same high-polish blued finish, while the screw-down crown is located at the 12 o’clock position, without the “De Bethune” name on the dial the polished, spherical, moon-phase display at 6 o’clock draws the eye.

Between the floating chapter-ring (marking the minutes) and polished inner-bezel, contrasting rose-gold arrowhead indexes denote the hours.

….as we said is not just about the blue color!

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