Black Diamond “Snaketric Ring” by Cristina Cipolli

Snaketric Ring
Black Rhodium-Plated
Black Diamonds
© Cristina Cipolli



Cristina is an Italian Architect who Graduated in Architecture (summa cum laude) in Florence, and now lives and works in London.
Cristina Cipolli started her career working for award winning architecture practices like Iosa Ghini Associati in Milan and Foster + Partners in London. From her grandmother, who collected unique jewels and gems from around the world, she inherited an unconditional love for jewels. To gain a deeper understanding of jewelry, and the techniques involved in their creation, Cristina attended courses at Central Saint Martins, the world-renowned arts, fashion and design college.

Cristina Cipolli\’s creations blend the magic of architecture with the world of jewelry, all the while incorporating diverse influences and inspirations: from nature, to art, to tribal traditions and the adornments of ancient civilizations, made refined and sophisticated. These disparate influences are brought together in a design style that is both contemporary and minimal.
By fusing technology and tradition, Cristina\’s intention is to blend the past and the future into a distinct version of the present. Cristina\’s high quality jewels, made with precious materials by skilled international artisans, are sophisticated and original.

A jewellery designer with such clarity in her aesthetic vision and purpose is always looking towards the future, and for Cipolli, the next steps are crystal clear. “I’m excited to explore the opportunities of fine jewelry,” she says. “I am currently working on two new collections that will centre on precious metals and gemstones. One is very minimalistic, colorful and completely handmade. For the other, I have the intention of 3D printing the jewels, because they have a complicate design based on parametric forms.”


If you’re looking for jewelry that offers something different, then be sure to check out this black diamond snake-shaped ring. The band features a sterling silver core overlaid with black rhodium plate and features a hoop section with several black diamond studs. The piece is the brainchild of Christina Cipolli, a designer who revels in creating jewelry for confident, outgoing women. This particular piece certainly lives up to the mission of Cipolli’s brand.
Cristina Cipolli\’s jewelry whispers: \”I Remember Your Body, and The Time In It\”.

When you want to project the purity of jewelry purpose this is a jewelry designer to consider, because the leverage of this pieces is considerable, and their use goes beyond occasions.


No sketches means no study, and in both disciplines architecture and jewelry is totally necessary the proposal and the correction of the artistic performance of a passionate mind and hands.

The main difference between architecture and jewelry is that you don’t have to play with space, but with the human body. I see jewels as sculptures for the body. Though the materials entering into her work are becoming more luxe and the canvases much smaller, Cipolli is approaching her new-found passion for jewels with the same boundless creativity she applies to her buildings.

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