“bijOO” Ring by Marie Lebourgeois



Platinum or 18k gold ring.
Natural gems sold separately to create a personalized look
© Marie Lebourgeois.


Marie Lebourgeois is a French jewelry designer based in New York City.

While growing up in a quiet coastal village in Normandy France, Marie developed a fascination for jewelry at a very young age.
At age 15, Marie convinced her parents to let her move to Paris by herself to study jewelry.

Years after graduating from the most prestigious schools the Ecole Boulle school (Pratt Institute alliance) & Cartier Institute, she moved to the Cartier Jewelry Workshop in London. After two years in London learning from master jewelry craftsmen, she was offered a transfer to New York City as Supervisor of the Cartier Jewelry Workshop.

Seven years later she resigned from Cartier and went to work at the well-known Harry Winston. Over the course of six years, Marie gained experience in many facets of the jewelry industry having been promoted three times: from High Jewelry Quality Assurance to
Lead Production to Manager of the Product Development team.

In 2020, Marie resigned from Harry Winston. Her technical expertise, creativity, artistic interests, and passion led her to develop and create her own designs, and Marie Lebourgeois formed LEBOURGEOIS LLC.


The bijOO ring is a platinum or 18k gold ring that can be worn with any gem of the bijOO in the LEBOURGEOIS collection; is a special design because has a mechanism that allows the client to change the flavor of the design just by changing the gem with over hundreds of variations from pave diamonds to gemstones and pearls, the possibilities are endless.

Marie Lebourgeois combines her creativity and technical skills in designing high-end jewelry with the focus to match the active, modern, and dynamic style of any individual. This is why the bijOO ring is a sustained, brilliant, and simple design that will challenge time and trends.


Marie Lebourgeois is a young jewelry designer that has experience in:

Custom order
Heirloom & revamp
Virtual fitting & styling session
Quality Assurance
Product inspections at different stages of the manufacturing process
Specialized in high jewelry & fine jewelry production and a connoisseur of Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, and Harry Winston products

…is just the point of the iceberg in comparison to all her experience and taste in Jewelry Design, this is a Jewelry Designer that had made herself in the jewelry world with the titans of this industry.

This ring is just the first design of many by Marie Lebourgeois that any jewelry conocieur or collector should have because in the changes and range of play that the piece has the eye trained in appreciating jewelry will discover not just in this design by Lebourgeois that splendor and jewelry mechanism are a language that can speak every day.
Our invitation from IA is to follow the future proposals in the jewelry of Marie Lebourgeois furthermore when the shades between casual and high-end jewelry are so well combined.

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