Cocktail Rings from Panoramic Views

What is a Cocktail Ring? These rings usually have an oversized center stone or a lot of small stones in their settings. The gemstones in cocktail rings are often imitations. When cocktail rings first became popular around the 1940s, they were worn at cocktail parties, and this is how these rings got its name.

You will find articles about: How to wear a cocktail ring? Rules to wear a cocktail ring? When and where to use a cocktail ring? For us is like somebody’s saying: When and where you should put a sculpture or Rules to hang the painting that you like; so we believe that the only rule is “USE WHEN YOU WANT, WHERE YOU WANT, AND HOW YOU WANT”, because as Gianbattista Valli says once: “Chic is when a woman is in harmony with herself”.

A cocktail ring can be compared with so many great things around us, one of those are the views of cities from the sky. Looking at a city from the top, it looks like the perfect setting with a beautiful center used by space or by a stone. A cocktail ring and a Sky City View have the perfect order, the perfect pattern that takes us to a special harmony in the structures.

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Rubellite & Sapphire Ring by Giampiero Bodino

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