Tiffany & Co

Tiffany & Co. began in 1837 and grew into a global design house at the forefront of innovative jewelry design and expert craftsmanship. Arguably the world’s most iconic jewelry brand, the history of Tiffany dates back to 1837 when 25-year-old Charles Lewis Tiffany and his friend John B Young opened a small stationery and fancy […]

“Soap Bubbles Reflections” by Ines Arenas Jewelry Gallery

Four days weekly separate me from the sky that is you. The bubbles of despair and disappointment surround me with your memory, but I remember your voice, and I paint your beautiful face in the cold air. Your daily movements are registered in the torso of my body and they come to me like bubbles […]

“Art in Process” by Ines Arenas Jewelry Gallery

Art in Process by Ines Arenas Jewelry Gallery Before reality, there is a dream. Jewelry designers are adult people, who still dream and imagine. The drawing is a form that results from combining lines, figures and other elements that adorn a thing or that are constitutive of it, is a graphic expression that plasma images […]