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When we sleep, the dream reminds us of the sleeping soul that contemplates how life passes and how death can come so silently. When we wake up we believe that any dream time is better than the one we live in and have now.

If we are wise we understand that any time not lived is already past.
It is wise to know that in this dream that we live what is expected does not last but what we have lived lasts a long time, and everything has to happen, the good and the bad.

The reality is a dream, because if we dream that the stone is stone that will be the stone; reality never goes away, it never happens if we pretend to believe that it is more than a dream and we live dreaming it.

Dreaming is the soul\’s way of telling us that it is possible to live a dream reality, a love, a life that it is possible not to dream because it is already a matter that we have achieved on earth.

Curated Assembling Related To This Perspective

Surrealism is defined as an aim to revolutionize the human experience. It balances a rational vision of life with one that asserts the power of the unconscious and dreams. The movement’s artists find magic and strange beauty in the unexpected and the uncanny, the disregarded and the unconventional.

We have chosen these pieces as part of the proposal of what can be understood as Surrealist Jewelry. The pieces that we have selected are because their work can decently represent the imagination and the dreams of the jewelry designers and holds each word in Surrealism definition.

We hope that you will enjoy the selection.

The following pieces are:

Lola Brooks Surrealist Brooch

Surrealist brooch, 2020, an artwork by Lola Brooks.

Salvador Dali "Surrealist Leaf Hand" Brooches

Salvador Dali / Alemany & Ertman "Surrealist Leaf Hand" brooches, 18K gold with black and red enamel details, signed c. 1950's

Meret Oppenheim’s "Surrealist Sugar Cube Ring"

Meret Oppenheim’s surrealist "Sugar Cube Ring", silver plated in gold, sugar cube and synthetic corundum. The ring can be deconstructed and the sugar cube replaced.

Man Ray’s "Les Amoureux"Torque Necklace

Man Ray’s "Les Amoureux" approach to surrealist jewelry, a gold torque necklace with a detachable brooch.

Ottilie Kemp Surrealist Brooch

Surrealist Brooch by Ottilie Kemp.

Lady Grey Crystal Earrings

Lady Grey Crystal Silhouette Earrings in Gold.

Ines Arenas Jewelry Gallery Says Thank You…

…for staying with us through the article: “Surrealist Jewelry”.

For us, jewelry is an art form where others might think that jewelry becomes art through how it is presented.

But we believe that is the mixture between presentation and content that makes jewelry an art form. One doesn’t happen without the other.

Jewelry is a representation of our history and beliefs in symbols that have changed with the time to express our personal beliefs regarding politics, sexuality, religion, family, and even social status, since the Roman Empire in western civilization.

Jewelry, thanks to the internet, is going to become a language, a vocabulary, a way to talk, understood around the world because any art is about connection including Jewelry.

This is Why We Present Jewelry As We Do It!

But You, “The viewer is the last stroke in any jewelry piece”.

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