Human Body and the Jewel

The Relationship between the Human Body and the Jewel

The Human Body…

Let’s start by the beginning…

… the objectification of the body was inaugurated by modern medicine, not by fashion or the marketing, think about it!!

The human body as a concept goes beyond genetic and phenomenology because there are different ways that a human body can manifest itself, depending on different modes of access to our complex somatic being:

Descartes point: what is essential to the body is really its volume. The body, therefore, manifests itself primarily by occupying space and, as the case may be, displacing other bodies.
Newton point: “First: inertia or mass as a vis insita” and, “Second: weight, the reciprocal attraction of bodies”.
Newton pointed out that Descartes concept of the body does not explain a satisfactory mechanism, and he therefore also described forces to the body.

But in IA we will add to the forces that you see in the body as Descartes and Newton well described, forces that you cannot see as: movement, strength, gestures, sensuality, believes, values and social status.

So let’s speak with “Adorno” (*)

The Jewels are pieces that enhance the sensuality in the gestures, provide security, power, and certainty to any person in their bodies; the forces of the bodies that are not as easy to see or evident at the first look. Are you following us?

The jewelry is an Armour. We feel tough and powerful, and the statement that we are trying to make it’s not violent.

Jewels are pieces that remind us that “no one is like me”. Just me has this Armour and only you have your shell, and that makes us special, and powerfully in a different way.


Clothing also can be a form of Armour but it is something that if we lost doesn’t feel as bad as when we lose our jewelry, because jewels are more personal, are a more intimate accessory, that has been associated with protection, whether spiritual or as an amulet; emotional because remind us someone or a moment; a sense of belonging because it’s a family heirloom or just physical because we feel it in our skin, the dignity because we understand the value.

It doesn’t matter it’s a statement piece or the smallest piece, is always a valuable piece.

Jewelry is like that, something with so many meanings, symbols or just feelings attached to the piece, to our bodies, that makes it complicated or simple as itself.

Observe the diverse array of bodies around us not just human in jewelry as well.

Both Human Bodies and Jewel

…varied in size, shape, and color, and the jewel wore simultaneously with and at the human body concealed and revealed their shifting proportions. Each body and jewel is entirely unique; one couldn’t have been more different from the next not just by proportions, also by the physical players that we mentioned before in the article that we don’t see.

Here, the tension between the jewel, the piece, the art, and self, in which bodily volume, mass, movement, and gestures existence plays an important part.

We are as well the extension of what we project with our jewels, not just a body.

* Adorno: (Spanish word object to make the appearance of a person, an object or a place more beautiful, pleasant or attractive).

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