Wallace Chan Eternity Ring


Eternity Ring by Wallace Chan

The ring that we choose to be the engagement ring for April is a ring created by Wallace Chan.

Unfortunately, we don’t know the nature of the principal stone, so if we tell you that is a yellow cat eye or another type of yellow iridescent stone we will not be precise. What it’s sure is that the principal setting is surrounded by diamonds and another kind of yellow stone, the ring is made of black metal that we suppose is titanium, the signature metal of Wallace Chan @wallacechanart.

The truth is that when a piece is created and signed by this artist, there aren’t concerns about quality; this is the reason why we enjoy more the pursuit of the meaning and the feeling that creation can give you. For us is the clear case of this piece call “Eternity”; it reminds us the sun as the centerpiece of a universe made of stars and comets representing the vitality; the capacity for the continuation of a meaningful or purposeful existence that needs the risks that we take for Blossom because we know that there is not growing in the staring and contemplation, as we can appreciate in this piece by Wallace Chan.

We have to approach to the stars, to the comets, to the Sun, to the universe; be willing to burn for be reborn in the eyes of the person that we love and remember after each moment of laughs, sadness, confusion, fear, recognition, and companionship, that life worth to be lived, it is worth to be fulfilling next to the Sun that we choose to live with and have a vital, meaningful and purposeful life. This ring could by Wallace Chang means to be in love of that unique Sun for the rest of our lives.

Small Biography about Wallace Chan.

(Wallace Chan was born in Fuzhou in 1956 and moved to Hong Kong at the age of 5. He left school when he was 13 for be able to support his family. Chan became an apprentice sculptor In 1987, where he learn the method of carving designs within a gemstone. The technique uses cameos and intaglios to create a lifelike image. That image is then reflected within the gem to create a three-dimensional effect. One of many Wallace Chan tools is  modified dentist\’s drill used to make small detailed changes on the stone, and  most of the designs are made under water to dissipate the heat generated by the high powered drill, to prevent damage to the material).

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