Rotating Heart Ring


Rotating Heart Ring by A.L.C. Accessories

Good designs

…not necessarily have to be expensive or be made in the finest material. Sometimes we will find them in unexpected places and made maybe with brass. This is the case of this emotional and simple ring.

As the world keeps on spinning faster

…then we can run, we pass sometimes in front of something beautiful without even notice it.

At a certain age, we believe that we could agree on the fact that life is uncertain and live in each moment as if it were our last, is an impossible task.

But some special nights when we are alone we can let the constellations swirl through our mind and remember that life’s too short for words unsaid or to fear the words that define us and not be ourselves.


This Heart Ring

As the movement of this Heart Ring our lives keep on changing as our owns hearts and many times we were able to feel our chest rise and fall; watch the dance between the sun and moon, be caught in the eye of a storm and feel the way the rain rolls down our cheek instead of just feeling wet.

Sometimes the biggest commitment that we have is with ourselves and nothing wrong with that.

The Rotating Heart Ring is a romantic and delicate creation by New York Designer Andrea Lieberman for her brand A.L.C.

We are in love with this ring because we believe our heart belongs to each one of us and it worth to fall in love with our own hearts.

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