“Pearl Ring” Ring by Lluis Comín


Ring made out of 18k white gold, nine brilliant-cut diamonds & an australian pearl.
Handmade jewelry
18 karat white gold
9 brilliant-cut diamonds
31 australian pearl
© Lluis Comín 2012.



Lluís Comín Vilajosana, was born in Barcelona in November 14, 1958. He learns a trade and the art in the jewellery workshop of his father. Degree in gemmology with the specialty in diamonds by the University of Barcelona, by the Gemmological Association of Great Britain and in jewelry by the Massana School.

From a young age, it was clear that I wanted to make a type of jewelry that was not merely ornamental. The jewel is my way of expressing myself artistically with total liberdat, the only condition is that it is related and can be used by a person. I usually work with series, I never know how many pieces, I stop when I think that I have nothing else to say on the subject. I try to create a symbiosis between the jewel and its wearer, so that the two become rich. I feel like a filter trying to express the nuances of the world from my point of view. Few contemporary jewelers come from a family tradition and I was lucky enough to learn the trade with my father and now it is my daughter Elena who learns from me, I feel like the link of a very old chain that transmits ancestral knowledge.

Located in Barcelona. Our approach to the world of jewelry makes us start from the most traditional techniques and embrasse modernity at the same time.
We understand jewelry not only as a form of ornamentation but as an element of communication that enhances people’s personality and character. We believe that the connection between the author, the jewels and the sensitivity of the bearer make our creations unique.


There is always a vastly extend of courage when a jewelry designer propose a new design in Pearl Design, something that push the barriers of originality and force to the audience to have a favorable on antagonist opinion about it, as Art should be.

In a new proposal in Pearl Jewelry Design the question will always be: What more we can find?

New pearl design be always the mesmeric mix of mediums between classic and modern.


Getting to know our customers, and listening to theirs need, is the main axis of our value system. In this way we manage to offer the right jewel for each occasion and personality. That jewel represents the purest and personal essence allowing our client to establish an aesthetic and affective connection with it.

This jewel has great added value; it is unique. We will not produce it again, only this copy exists.

Something that in new and further generations will have an inspired disquisition from an early age experience that will create and shape the visual thinking methods of young jewelry holders.

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