Peacock Ring by Damiani


For January 2019, the first month of this year, we have chosen as the engagement ring of this month “The Peacock” from the “Maison Damiani”.

Damiani is an Italian Maison born in 1924 in Valenza Po, Italy by Enrico Damiani; a three generation family jewelry business, strongly tied to tradition and passion for goldsmith art.

As the Romans and Greeks in ancient times, we will like to believe that for the Damiani’s as we believe in too; consider the Peacock tail has the “eyes” of the stars. As for other cultures the Peacock represents: Vision, Royalty, Awakening, and Guidance. Qualities that suite perfect for the beginning of the year.

The Peacock also represents as any bird: resurrection, renewal and immortality, although this specific one is more special because the Peacock feathers don’t fade or lose their shiny luster.


In what we can agree with is, there’s no clear boundaries in what nature can create, as well in the rules and structures about how love should be expressed.

This engagement ring is a gorgeous piece, as beautiful things ask for attention; unexpected and existing for those who can appreciate them. Like the stars which Romans and Greeks saw in the Peacocks tail; as the never fading beauty of its feathers; in a way this ring has the opportunity to represent the world that cannot be seen or even touched but must be felt with the heart.

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