Hiver Impérial: Boule de Neige from Boucheron


…and for the last month of 2018, we have chosen as the engagement ring for December 2018 the “Boule de Neige Ring” from the “Hiver Impérial Collection of Boucheron”.

It’s a ring set with a rock crystal dome filled with diamonds, paved with diamonds, on white gold. Why? Kahlil Gibran said: “Kindness is like the snow, it beautifies everything it covers”. And this is the feeling that I have when I see this ring: kindness. If we see it carefully, we will appreciate that it’s solid, strong and firm as the materials that compose it but at the same time has the beauty, the fragility, and vulnerability of a snowflake. The crystal quartz it’s so well carved that it looks like little snowflakes are setting for a dance in happiness and forever love in a so impeccable and impolite white that calls us to keep in our minds just the happy memories of a year, a marriage or a life together with that special person.

The “Boule de Neige” might look like an oversized set for an engagement ring, maybe too round and too boule, but let’s stop and think: isn’t the true meaning of this unique ring to hold a special moment with that special person? Isn’t it true that we can see reflected in this beautiful quartz surrounded by diamonds the perfect ingredient for a perfect beginning: Innocence! Which bear witness to the love and commitment between two people?

Would you choose this style of ring as your engagement ring?


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