Engagement Ring Tension


Engagement Ring “Tension” by Tomasz Plodowski

Who is the creator of this particular ring?

This piece was imagined and brought to life by Tomasz Plodowski.

Tomasz Plodowski resides and works in Warsaw, Poland. He is an engineer by profession and his interest for jewelry started with the technology of jewelry making.

His “Tension Ring” has an unusual setting, and that he designs them to sit on a special stand. The rings are made of sterling silver and 14K gold, and the stone is cubic zirconias in clear, champagne & tanzanite colors.

It’s an interesting design, but it’s a ring to represent an engagement?

There is beauty in “Tension”:

If we think about it, Tension is a concept that holds energy, and energy is needed for life. The absence of tension reveals a lack of energy. We can agree that tension can be uncomfortable; dealing with competing or even opposing ideas or forces is challenging, however, remove the tension, and we remove the energy that tension brings to us. Tension is the necessary energy for growth and life.


And raise life is not a small miracle as is not love.

We keep turning our eyes toward beauty, and yet we cannot ignore the tension in the world, tension reminds us of the strength to do something about it.

If we see closely!

This design has classical and contemporary elements, maybe “Unseen” as the beauty in the concept of “Tension”; beauty versus tension is a good game. It’s the reason everyone keeps going back to try to see the “Unseen”.

Tomasz Plodowski knows that we want to be involved at the beginning of things, that we want to be part of finding something new.

Every beginning starts with a step of fear, adjustment…”Tension”, the energy that we need just to try it!!!

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