Engagement Ring by Selda Okutan


This month we would like to introduce you as engagement rings of July the wonderful jewelry designer named “Selda Okutan” from Istanbul, Turkey; where she has a studio since 2009. Her strengths are the design of wedding rings in 925 K silver and brass.

@SeldaOkutan inspiration are the stories, the emotions and the soul of her clients, what they feel when they are together combined with high-quality workmanship.

Her absolutely dissimilar style mesmerizes. Her rings seem to take you to a different micro-world of intimacy and relationship, where tiny people share their desires and passions. Those people are climbing somewhere, loving each other, dancing, holding and looking each other; and we can’t just “wear a ring by Okutan”, we are wearing this tiny parallel universe of feelings inspired by our other half.

Believing is the center of everything, believe in love with purpose is the inspiration that we use for doing anything in our life.


Observation is the key to create something; look with the eyes that really count, the eyes of the heart is the starting point of her designs. They believe, the faith, the other.

The ideas are sometimes love and friendship, and sometimes war or pain, like the ring “Prisoners of Love”.

They “prefer to create under the power of freedom”.

Love posses expressions that can make you feel free as the rings of @SeldaOkutan.

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