“Diamond Sunrise Ear Cuff” by Karma El Khalil

Diamond Sunrise Ear Cuff fanned out into the shape of a sunrise.
Set in 18k Yellow Gold with pave White Diamonds.
Includes two 18k Yellow Gold clips at the top and bottom to secure the piece onto the ear.
© Karma El Khalil’s Rock Hall Collection.



Washington, D.C., and now based in Brooklyn, El Khalil was named Karma by her father. “He felt I had an extremely peaceful look on my face and that I was an old soul when I was born,” she explains. “As a student of Zen philosophy, he thought the name suited me.” She spent her early childhood in Nigeria, where her family operated its business, then lived in Paris from age 12 to 19. After graduating from Tufts University, in Massachusetts, El Khalil planned to pursue a master’s degree in psychology in London. She went to live with her family in Lebanon for the summer and spend her days living art.

Karma holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Tufts University in Boston and several degrees in Gemology, Jewelry Design, and Manufacturing from GIA in New York. Having lived and studied in Nigeria, France, Italy, and the United States, her international roots are a constant source of creativity and design exploration for her collections.

Karma El Khalil is a New York-based fine jewelry designer and gemologist. Her jewelry reveals a myriad of geometric shapes and architectural features found in nature, recreated in natural gemstones and diamonds into handmade 18k gold statement pieces.


A Karma El Khalil piece is perfect to wear if you are looking after creating contrasts and showing your choices and preferences in the use of colors and gems into the edginess of the goldwork.

It is worth taking into consideration at the same time to know pavé-set diamonds are smooth to the touch and do not snag if you run them over your clothes.

And if you want to experience the use of jewelry designs that have a new proposal regarding the balance between matter and the absence of matter.


Part of the definition of \”Natural\” is \”every part of the physical universe around us\”. When I see Karma El Khalil jewelry, my thoughts take me to think of natural, organic, but never simple. In her designs and how are displayed, we can appreciate a construction in layers, a graduated effect. Her pieces even when the material is gold can appreciate the lightweight of unconstructed pieces, one upon the other until together they create a fashionable ensemble providing a warmth feeling without undue bulkiness or heaviness. Texture, proportions (playing with the space, including the emptiness), color, volume (how many?), and materials; in her game, there are no hard-and-fast rules, it’s all about telling a story. What I like about Karma El Khalil jewelry, is that in this brand, layering jewelry is not a trend it is a style, it\’s part of the \”way to be\” of the brand. The brand mix a diamond piece, and a rose gold piece, light or heavy, circular or triangular giving a more meaningful to the public and simultaneously creating a more interesting eye-catching personal look. Let\’s remember unlike clothing, jewelry is more special in the fact, that people usually purchase each piece of their collection because they connect with it in \”some way.\” Karma El Khalil jewelry feels like something that we recognize instinctively as a \”Natural Pattern\” see it by an Old Soul.

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