Neha Dani’s journey is the younger daughter of a traditional Indian family to a global art jeweler is an improbable one. Raised traveling the world, and exposed to art and culture, she was still expected to marry young and dedicate herself to raising a family.

Instead, she decided to study gemology, traveling to California to study at the Gemological Institute of America. There she discovered a life-long passion for gems and carved her first jewelry pieces. After graduating from GIA, she went on to become a Fellow of the Gemological Association of England, returning to India to work as a gemologist at International Gemological Laboratories.
Dani began creating bespoke jewelry with fine gems and diamonds, holding successful solo shows across India. In 2014, encouraged by the response from collectors and media, she launched her international career at the JCK show in the United States, immediately winning the show’s Rising Star Award and receiving global recognition.


Neha Dani creates intricate three-dimensional jeweled sculptures inspired by the elemental energy of the cycle of life, from petals to waves to galaxies in the night. Poetry in form, volume, light, and color, each work is part of an edition exploring a single facet of the natural world in depth.

Each bloom is as unique as Nature itself. The Amarante bracelet is masterfully hand-sculpted in three branches of 18K rose gold, punctuated by handset blooms set with 11,611 light and medium pink diamonds. Each one of 18 blooms is centered by a certified, fancy intense purplish-pink round brilliant diamond. A flower in an eternal blossom in your wrist.


Each Neha Dani jewel is far, very far from traditional. Neha Dani is a jeweler designer that could be an artist in any other field for the way that she sees and interpreted this world. Her inspirations, which come from dried leaves, flower petals, and tidal waves, as well as colorful urban landscapes, show up again and again, in different, brilliant variations; but definitely, what you see it\’s not what she sees. Each piece often needs to be broken down into several parts and then articulated to ensure comfort, movement, and a surprising view from all angles and requires on average 6 months of highly skilled workers to be completed. When we see her pieces, we can ask ourselves again: Which one is the role that jewels can play in our lives? Are they just for being beautiful adorn? or in the case of Neha Dani\’s designs, these jewels are really and truly saying something? Like the world around us? If we stop and try to see. If we observe well, her jewelry design is sober. Sober doesn\’t mean that has to be in white and black. Her design is sober because is feminine but not superfluous, colorful but moderate. Are very elegant, simple, and refine, if you look well! Don\’t you think?