Enmanuel Tarpin

At 26…

Emmanuel Tarpin who grew up in the French Alps is the son of notaries; since he was a child he used to go with his father to see mineral sellers. He has studied oboe for 15 years, clay sculpture for 13 years and after his bachelor’s degree, he did a preparatory school in jewelry, and then came the HEAD Geneva’s prestigious school for art and design where he passed a bachelor’s.

Finally, he was working in a subcontracting workshop for Van Cleef & Arpels for 3 years and a half before starting his collection in 2018.

Sculpture and color is his passion

“Color and sculpture have been my passion since childhood,” explain Tarpin in many of his interviews. Each piece of his art is valued not for the weight of its stones but the entirety of its expressive design as it should be for any jeweler designer.

Kinetic sculptures and nature inspire his designs,” and the British sculptor Andy Goldsworthy is one of his favorite artists.

Observing Tarpin’s art is clear the influence of Andy Goldsworthy in his work; don’t you think?


His Signature Style

Voluminous yet remarkably lightweight, we can define it.

He respects the waves of his inspiration in consequence his art is one-of-a-kind pieces, produces more than just a handful of pieces a year, less than 20 designs; forging large-scale, in aluminum and gold that play with contrasting color and texture.

Ines Arenas favorite Part

We applaud the respect that Tarpin’s has for his work and for what its Art, as well the recognition that he gives to another great artist as Andy Goldsworthy.

In IA, we believe that the main principle for beautiful creations, as the ones from Emmanuel Tarpin is generosity, the main quality in each one of his pieces.


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