“When The Jewel Dance” by Ines Arenas Jewelry Gallery

I know that you listen to that music that sounds in the background of everything in perfect harmony between silence and rhythm, a piece of music that surprises the ear, made of violet and gold symmetry, they come from the harps of the Moon and the Sun that they transmit to the breeze and puts the trees to sleep.

With that music a sensual dance between gems and metals is awakened, a naked dance between the Soul and the Body as one.

A dance between you and me. Who leads?

Not having the answer is where the symmetry is, the harmony between metals and gems; that dance that can only be performed on a jewel.

Curated Assembling Related To This Perspective

We have chosen these pieces as part of the proposal of what can be understood in a kinetic jewelry design.

The pieces that we have selected are because their work can evoke the meaning in our proposal.

For us, looking for meaning and purpose are ideas that can be accompanied by a beautiful piece of art, as is a Jewel.

We hope that you will enjoy the selection.

The following pieces are:

Cadar Heart Ring

Cadar 18k Rose Gold Diamond Heart Ring.

Dreamboule Solitaire Ring

Solitaire from Dreamboule’s "Free and Fun" collection in 18k rose gold with diamonds and black volcanic stone.

Imperial Wave Earrings, Dancing Open Ring and Dancing Earrings by Marie Mas

Imperial Wave Earrings, Dancing Open Ring and Dancing Earrings by Marie Mas; she explained "Movement has been an obsession of mine since I started to design. For me, good design is surprising, it looks alive and gives a soul to the object. Also, the “wow” effect when you discover a piece of jewelry is very important. A piece is a success if you see the sparkles in the eyes of the person who discovers it! I want every woman to feel rapt with wonder for a moment."

Yael Sonia Spinning Wheel Bracelet

Spinning Wheel Bracelet by Yael Sonia.

MyriamSOS Ring

MyriamSOS. This ring plays on the classic Rubik’s Cube game, with three gem-set levels that can be moved independently to create different looks, or just for fun.

Chopard Happy Diamond Heart Necklace

The Chopard Happy Diamonds collection became an instant hit when it launched in the 1970s. This classic 18ct rose gold pendant from the collection has three free-rolling diamonds within heart-shaped sapphire glass.

Ilona Orel World Ring

And finally out favorite piece for this proposal an Ilona Orel piece made of black diamonds and Paraiba tourmalines map out the world on this 18ct white gold World Famous ring, which spins just like a real globe.

Ines Arenas Jewelry Gallery Says Thank You…

…for staying with us through the article: “When the Jewel Dance”.

For us, jewelry is an art form where others might think that jewelry becomes art through how it is presented.

But we believe that is the mixture between presentation and content that makes jewelry an art form. One doesn’t happen without the other.

Jewelry is a representation of our history and beliefs in symbols that have changed with the time to express our personal beliefs regarding politics, sexuality, religion, family, and even social status, since the Roman Empire in western civilization.

Jewelry, thanks to the internet, is going to become a language, a vocabulary, a way to talk, understood around the world because any art is about connection including Jewelry.

This is Why We Present Jewelry As We Do It!

But You, “The viewer is the last stroke in any jewelry piece”.

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