“The Magical Moment When We Give a Jewel” by Ines Arenas Jewelry Gallery

The Magical and Celebratory Moment When We Give a Jewel

Who were the first to give the importance to jewelry?

It was the Greeks, one of the first societies who first gave importance to the jewelry but that importance did not come as an element of luxury or ornamentation.

For example, they believed that diamonds were stars falling from the sky.

Until the Middle Ages, jewelry and especially diamonds were an exclusive luxury of royalty and had it as a symbol of strength, continuity and family.

Therefore in heritage jewelry was an exclusive act of the nobility.

When did the tradition begin?

First of all and putting aside, of course, the jewels as a Political Symbol; it could begun with the Archduke Maximilian of Austria, when it was established in the 15th century as a custom to request the fiancé hand with a diamond ring. In this case, the Archduke asked Maria de Burgundy with a diamond ring.

Probably when the years pass, a jewel became a symbol of love, happiness, family and tradition.


Each person has a way of understanding life. There are those who, by their own choice, decide to carry out their solo life project, but most people have a deep-rooted sense of shared life, choosing family as a channel to share their life with the persons that they love.

Each society has different rites to pass on the “Family Jewels”.

In many cultures is shown by letting all our joy and feeling of belonged flow among our loved ones: parents, brothers, sisters including dearest friends.


It’s clear and evident that a Jewel is one of the most intimate and personal demonstrations of affection in the form of a gift.

Gems and Jewelry, in general, represent: purity, value, beauty, tradition, belonging, strength and continuity.

Is a beautiful way to transmit experiences, desires, aspirations and why not? …Believes.

When a jewel becomes a part of our family tradition and is given in the hands of the loved ones, we are saying that our love is for a lifetime and it couldn’t be separated; symbolizing that we will always be together.

Therefore, the ultimate meaning of the “Jewelry Heirloom” is by making it clear that the love is passing through generations, that the jewels are symbols that will make the family walk together throughout their lives, sharing everything that life holds for them.

What is your family jewelry piece? For how long has it been in the family? What is the story behind that symbolic family piece? How many memories and emotions are being carried on that family jewelry piece?

That is the magic of the jewel and its meaning!

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