“The Creation of the Seasons” by Ines Arenas Jewelry Gallery

The Rapture of the Goddess Persephone and the Creation of the Seasons

Before ancient times the Gods use to walk the Earth as their own land, and there use to be an exceptional and most strong love between a mother call Ceres (Goddess of agriculture, grain crops, fertility) and her daughter called Persephone. This love was as beautiful as the necklace of the jewelry designer “Xu Erjian”; delicate, vibrant, the perfect balance between devotion and order.

They weren’t the only God and Goddess walking the Earth, Hades the ruler of the Underworld and brother of the God Zeus (Father of all Gods); left one day the Underworld to travel above ground and saw Persephone, while she was gathering flowers in a field. Hades instantly fell in love with her, so he planned with Zeus that the goddess Gaia (Mother Earth) planted the flower Narcissus to enchant Persephone and attract her, away from her guides. One day Persephone danced away to the garden alone and tried to pluck the narcissus from the bosom of Gaia. It drained all her energies as the narcissus only came out after a lot of pulling. But suddenly, to her utter fright, she saw the tiny hole from which she had drawn out the flower shaft, began to rapidly grow in size until it started to resemble an enormous chasm. Hades was kidnapping Persephone and took her to the Underworld, where he made her his wife. Ceres (her mother) was present when Persephone was kidnapped by God Hades.

So in the heart of Ceres “Autumn” starts to grow. A pale sadness became her heart yellow and strong brown colors with some flashes of light; as the moonstone gems in this beautiful unknown bracelet, flashes of aspirations to find her daughter again.

Ceres tried to locate Persephone desperately; in time she lost reason and went mad. Only her diamond heart will be the torch that will guide the path to bring back her daughter. Like the diamond necklace “Les Talismans” from Chanel. Ceres roamed the Earth for nine long days and nine long nights, at the end she begged Hades to allow Persephone to come back to the livings; denoting that the young Persephone was not supposed to live in the underworld. Persephone was too beautiful for Hades letting her go, so he consulted with his brother Zeus and they both decided to allow Persephone to live on Earth.

But before Persephone left the underworld, Hades persuaded her to eat four seeds of a pomegranate so she will have to return to her captor or country. Since then Persephone has been doomed returning to the underworld for 6 months of the year and been allowed to spend the remaining 6 months with her mother Ceres.

When she descends to Hades, the rapture repeats and Autumn stars again. Then comes “Winter”, reminding us that when there is a strong bond between two people, the universe will find a way to bring them back together. For the ones who love, time is Eternity; just the way art and jewelry are Eternal.


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