The Blooming of the Orange Trees and the Citrines

Summer days are right around the corner and with them, the citrus colors and smells.

When the Orange Trees blooms, it gives the most white and sweet of the flowers. Is an incredible way to show us its transformation. Is amazing that our first thought would be that orange trees don’t blossom, and “if they do”, the flower will be moving between a range or reds-pinks and oranges; at least that is what we thought.

The Truth is that the blossom of the orange trees is a movement from the yellows to the whitest color, forming a beautiful contrast between the orange and the flower.


We have many representations in jewelry regarding as a welcome to the sun and the air summer, like the Garavelli Diamond and Citrine Floral Brooch, the Sutil flying of the Monet Figural Butterfly Openwork Brooch Pin Spinneret Collection, and the beautiful column of yellows like the Seaman-Schepps Bracelet-Citrine-Diamond.

So maybe next time when we see the tanginess in an orange tree, we will appreciate the synergy in the leaves of Buccellati Gold and Tsavorite Necklace, the openness of the Petit Pois Ring – Citrine by Carol Kauffmann, and the uncomplicated Citrine Peridot and White Poured Glass Daisy by Schreiner.

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