“Nocturnal Flowers” by Ines Arenas Jewelry Gallery

The Nocturnal Flowers open in the light of the moon and discreetly communicate with the stars their elegance.

They are flowers whose pistils are composed of dreams, desires, and passions.

You can falsely think that the Night Flowers are strange … but no! Not much less; But for better or for worse, as they are flowers that grow and grow stronger in the dark, they know how to milk the light of the stars and the moon to guide, accompany and remind the light of the sun, a greater, outgoing and broader light than can be seen every morning.

That is the Night Flower the repetition of the memory so that it does not fall into the oblivion that there is always a tomorrow.

Text by Mose (dedicated to those that we can not sleep in the night).

Curated Assembling Related To This Perspective

We have chosen these pieces as part of the proposal of what can be understood in a jewelry design made with black enamel, black diamonds, onyx, or any other dark gem or stone that you might think can remind us of the Night.

The following pieces are:

Misterio Ring by De Grisogono

De Grisogono. White gold with black nano ceramic coating and white diamonds

Antique Victorian 14K Engraved Black Enamel Pearls 2 Picture Locket.

Large 14K gold black enamel 2-picture locket from Victorian period, 1 5/8" x 1 1/4" including the bail, 20.4 grams. Black enameled front lead adorned with engraved leaves and flowers motif accented with seed pearls. The back of the locket is made nobly simple with shiny black enamel.

Van Cleef & Arpels Onyx Flower Rose

Van Cleef and Arpels. Flower Rose de Noël clip pendant, small model. Yellow gold, Diamond, Onyx.

Schreiner Flower Brooch

Schreiner New York Flower Brooch, Pin, Pendant. Molded Art Glass, Blue, Purple.

Schreiner Blue Flower Pin.

Schreiner Blue Flower Trembler Pin.

Boucheron Fleur Eternelle Ring

Boucheron. FLEUR ETERNELLE. Ring with natural petals set with a 5.99 ct cushion purple sapphire from Madagascar, paved with purple and yellow sapphires, pistils pessartite garnet, on titanium and yellow gold.

Roberto Coin Venetian Princess Rose Pendant

Roberto Coin. Venetian Princess Rose Gold Medium Black Diamond & Mother of Pearl Flower Pendant Necklace.

Boucheron Avant Le Frisson Necklace

Boucheron. AVANT LE FRISSON NECKLACE. Necklace paved with diamonds, in white gold and titanium.

Cartier Amulet Necklace

Amulette de Cartier necklace, small model: Amulette de Cartier necklace, small model, 18K yellow gold. For men and women reveals the beauty of the color blue.

Ines Arenas Jewelry Gallery Says Thank You…

…for staying with us through the article: “Nocturnal Flowers”.

For us, jewelry is an art form where others might think that jewelry becomes art through how it is presented.

But we believe that is the mixture between presentation and content that makes jewelry an art form. One doesn’t happen without the other.

Jewelry is a representation of our history and beliefs in symbols that have changed with the time to express our personal beliefs regarding politics, sexuality, religion, family, and even social status, since the Roman Empire in western civilization.

Jewelry, thanks to the internet, is going to become a language, a vocabulary, a way to talk, understood around the world because any art is about connection including Jewelry.

This is Why We Present Jewelry As We Do It!

But You, “The viewer is the last stroke in any jewelry piece”.

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