…And, what about if you try to be Eclectic!!!

Carolina Herrera…

…one of our favorite designers and public figure says: “Own Style is better than Fashion”; and we believe in that! What about if this year, you are not so immerse in which one is the latest trend in nothing and be the creator of your own style, with your own jewelry and clothes… Having an eclectic sense of style means that you can put together different pieces, because the truth is we as a human been have eclectic personalities.

“Eclectic Style”

Actually means the combination of different styles. Let’s be daring enough to get out of our comfort zone and create a look of our own. Eclectic style is not about conventional or traditional in fashion or jewelry. It is about uniqueness and personal style. We always have to be daring and sensible if we want to be eclectic.

Each and any one of us have It!

Any women have a knack for throwing random pieces of clothing with jewelry together and creating a look that not only makes them stand out, but also causes them to appear incredibly stylish.


Women are so multitasking that I’m sure then when is about mixing and matching clothes from different sources we can become unique experts because when it comes to eclectic style, the price doesn’t really matter. It’s about how you mix and match anything that you like.

Clothes with the right jewelry can give us the ability to look timeless and after all, what really matters is have our own personal style.

Remember, believed or not you have a style, showcases creativity in fashion and jewelry. We are unique. The way you dress can appear bold and innovative to others. For you, fashion and jewelry should be about how you feel and what you want to say. Don’t be afraid!!!


Women and Men should not be too concerned about what other people think.
Being unique and artistic is ALWAYS fashionable!

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