“Dreaming Jewelry” by Ines Arenas Jewelry Gallery

The obvious elements that make a valuable jewel as we all know are metal: gold, platinum, titanium, silver, carats, weight, cut, the rarity of gems and finally the designer or the jewelry house to which the designs belong.

Others aspects not so obvious as background, history, time, place, status identity and believes that the jewel/s represent.

And then come our favorites, the ones that are not so obvious at all beyond the means of acquiring wealth; jewels are beautiful for their aesthetic because are the representation of man\’s aspirations to reach perfection in form, design, and color.

Jewels, jewelry is beautiful because are the perfect portrayal of symmetry, order, and progression from nature to men in perfect repetition approaching us to those characteristics that we know just belong to the universe.

Designing jewelry, dreaming perfection, be able to appreciate and sometimes wear these masterpieces, be given and received with love, being part of that perfect moment or our best in life maybe is the closets way to be to the starts, the universe, the cosmos, to the best in us, and God forever, for generations in family, society and history.

Only a free mind can fly.

Curated Assembling Related To This Perspective

We have chosen these pieces as part of the proposal of the dimensions that can be seen and understood in a jewelry design.

The pieces that we have selected are because their work can evoke the meaning in our proposal.

For us, looking for meaning and purpose are ideas that can be accompanied by any beautiful and meaningful jewelry design art.

We hope that you will enjoy the selection.

The following pieces are:

Avakian Flower Earrings.

Avakian. Haute Joaillerie Flower earrings.

Alexandre Reza La Chose Ring

La Chose Ring by Alexandre Reza.

Malakine Gold Bangle

Bangle in Gold and Rubies by Malakine

Etho Maria Necklace

Diamond Necklace by Etho Maria.

Victorian Enameled Star Brooch Necklace.

Victorian Enameled Star Sapphire Pearls 10k Gold Pin Brooch Necklace.

Ines Arenas Jewelry Gallery Says Thank You…

…for staying with us through the article: “Dreaming Jewelry”.

For us, jewelry is an art form where others might think that jewelry becomes art through how it is presented.

But we believe that is the mixture between presentation and content that makes jewelry an art form. One doesn’t happen without the other.

Jewelry is a representation of our history and beliefs in symbols that have changed with the time to express our personal beliefs regarding politics, sexuality, religion, family, and even social status, since the Roman Empire in western civilization.

Jewelry, thanks to the internet, is going to become a language, a vocabulary, a way to talk, understood around the world because any art is about connection including Jewelry.

This is Why We Present Jewelry As We Do It!

But You, “The viewer is the last stroke in any jewelry piece”.

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