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What’s Birthstone Color for Virgo?

Virgos are always paying attention to the smallest details and their deep sense of humanity makes them one of the most careful signs of the zodiac. Their methodical approach to life ensures that nothing is left to chance, and although they are often tender, their heart might be closed for the outer world. This is a sign often misunderstood, not because they cannot express it, but because they won’t accept their feelings as valid, true, or even relevant when opposed to reason. The symbolism behind the name speaks well of their nature, born with a feeling they are experiencing everything for the first time.

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Virgo is an Earth sign, this will lead to a strong character, but one that prefers conservative, well-organized things and a lot of practicality in their everyday life. These individuals have an organized life, and even when they let go of chaos, their goals and dreams still have strictly defined borders in their minds, maybe like a perfect blue velvet Sapphire triple A, september birthstone.

Virgo Birthstone Origins

The sapphire is the birthstone for September. The name sapphire is derived from the Latin word “saphirus” and the Greek word “sapheiros,” both meaning blue. Some believe that the name sapphire is derived from its association with the planet Saturn. The name can be roughly be translated to mean “dear to the planet Saturn” in many different languages.

The beautiful Sapphire has been one of the most valued and cherished gemstones for centuries, its brilliant blue hue charming royalty and noblemen through the ages.

Sapphire was often used by royalty and religious Christian leaders to signify their purity and importance. Ancient Romans used the stone for its apparent protective values against wrongdoing and envy.

Fancy sapphires come in a range of colors such as green, orange, pink, yellow, purple, yellow, and even darker colors such as brown, gray and black. A unique sapphire color that is prized by gem connoisseurs is the pinkish-orange padparadscha sapphire, named after the Sinhalese lotus blossom.

Virgo Birthstone Qualities

Since Mercury is the ruling planet of this sign, its representatives have a well-developed sense of speech and writing, as well as all other forms of communication. Many Virgos may choose to pursue a career as writers, journalists, and typists, but their need to serve others makes them feel good as caregivers, on a clear mission to help.

Virgos are known to be perfectionists who plan to the last detail and are extremely thorough in their execution of tasks and projects. Those born under this sun sign are extremely careful and hardworking, using their analytical and practical traits to help them achieve difficult and complex tasks.

Wearing Sapphire is said to influence Virgo’s life, both personally in their relationships, and professionally in their career path and business goals. These influences are also said to depend on the position of Virgo’s ruling planet Mercury.

Virgo Birthstone Meaning

The blue color of sapphire is representative of many powerful and evocative symbolism. It is the color of the skies and the stones were believed to mirror the importance of nobility, represent truth and loyalty.

The Disappointed Goddess Seeking goodness in humankind is the story of Virgo, and disappointment seems to be inevitable from their point of view. The first time they came from their cloud and jumped onto planet Earth, it felt like their mission is to use their existence for good, discovering ways of justice and purity in other people. Once they fail to find it too many times, Virgos will pull away, get lost, turn to substance abuse, or simply separate from other people to sit on the bench, criticize and judge.

Wearing a Sapphire is thought to make meticulous Virgos more observant, therefore aiding their quests for perfection. These blue stones are also thought to keep Virgo\’s safe from the jealousy and ill-will of those who envy them.

Best Virgo Birthstone Deposits

Virgos are excellent advisors, always knowing how to solve a problem. This can make them helpful and extremely useful to have around, but also brings out their need to search the problem in everything and everyone around them. They will care for people they build a solid relationship with, treasuring them for years and nurturing them in every possible way. An intimate friendship with a Virgo is always earned by good deeds.

People born with their Sun in Virgo are very dedicated to their families and attentive to elderly and sick people. They understand tradition and the importance of responsibility, proud of their upbringing and everything that made their mind as dominant as it is.

Significant sapphire deposits are found in Australia, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Cameroon, China (Shandong), Colombia, Ethiopia, India (Kashmir), Kenya, Laos, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Myanmar (Burma), Nigeria, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, United States (Montana) and Vietnam.

Every sapphire mine produces a wide range of quality, and origin is not a guarantee of quality. For sapphire, Kashmir receives the highest premium, although Burma, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar also produce large quantities of fine quality gems

Our Virgo Birthstone Favorite Legends

Sapphires are believed to help enhance Virgo’s positive traits and ease their negative characteristics at the same time, for better personal growth and development.

The stone, when worn, encourages those born under this zodiac sign to become even more sincere, which in turn helps their relationships as well as their professional encounters.

Sapphire is thought to help its wearer be more eloquent and thoughtful with their words.

Many believe that the velvet-blue gem can help aid the health problems that especially plague Virgos such as calming their nerves and promoting mental clarity, helping them with focus and concentration.

They have also been used as remedies for mental and nervous disorders. It is said to have a cooling effect on the high temperatures experienced by this sun sign. It also aids the healing of burns, helps with hearing ailments, and eases inflammations in the body.

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