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Capricorn Constellation Myth

The ones born between December 21/22 – January 20 are the ones who belong to the Capricorn constellation.
The stones and gems that belong to them are rubies, agate, garnet, and black onyx; and these four stones represent the remarkable four qualities of a Capricorn person that we will reveal to you in a story.
The Capricorn zodiac sign is interpreted as being either a goat or a sea-goat, a creature with the front half of a goat and the tail of a fish.
The story begins with the sea-goat Pricus an honorable God the quality represented by the ruby was the father of the race of sea-goats, known for being intelligent (the garnet) and honorable (remember the ruby) creatures who live in the sea near the shore. They could speak and think because they were favored by the gods.

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Pricus was the tie to Chronos the god of time who created Pricus immortal, and both share the ability to manipulate time.
Pricus had many children sea-goats who wanted to go to the shore. Pricus children found that they can use their front goat legs to pull themselves onto the beach and lay in the sun but the longer they stay onshore, the more they change from sea-goats into regular goats, becoming goats that we know today.
Pricus as their father is desperate, he cannot lose his children and he is determined to make sure that his children never get to the shore, because if they do they will become mindless animals who can never return to the sea to him. Here grows his ambitious, dark as the black onyx and star to reverse time to force his children to return to the sea. Pricus is unaffected by the time shift, so he tries to warn his children, forbid them to go to the shore, but no matter what he does, or how many times he reverses time, the sea-goats eventually still find their way onto land and become regular goats. Pricus with time realizes that he cannot control the destiny of his children, and keep them in the sea will never work, no matter how many times the reverse time. He resigns himself to his loneliness, and chooses to no longer control time, instead of letting his children live their lives out to their destiny developing patience as a precious agate.
Finally, Pricus begs Chronos to let him die, as he cannot bear to be the only sea-goat left. Chronos instead allows him to live out his immortality in the sky, as the constellation Capricorn giving to this devoted father the gift to see his children from the stars and convert his most precious qualities into gems.

Capricorn Constellation Facts

That train of thoughts may become overwhelming for Capricorn, being necessary to get them out of their system through healthy and supportive dialogues. It is important not to get dispersed or start spinning in circles.
Not by coincidence Capricorn Constellation stone the Garnet is what a Capricorn needs because Garnet’s virtues have been long believed to include passion, true friendship, fidelity, success, self-esteem, loyalty, devotion, energy, faith, consistency, and truth., because the gemstone sharpens your perception of yourself and other people. Long ago, garnets were claimed to help the wearer resist melancholy and warn off evil spirits, especially spirits of the night, which were referred to as demons and nightmares. Garnet is also said to inspire contemplation and truthfulness and offers its wearer the power to protect their standing and possessions.
Capricorns naturally seek out the approval of others to help them feel worthy, which explains why many of them are workaholics. They also tend to be pessimistic and suspicious doubting the praise or approval they do obtain.
Wearing a Capricorn Constellation stone the garnet will balance out unwarranted feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt and help Capricorn forge ahead in their life’s path in a more relaxed and confident manner.

Capricorn Constellation Brilliance

Capricorn is the Goat of Fear a goat with the tail of a fish created to face fear and create panic. It is the sign of decisions, is the sign made to protect from monsters in our minds, lives, and immediate physical surrounding.
Capricorn is always ready to transform into something that scares those scary things off, Capricorn faces the world just as they are, brave enough to never run away, but constantly afraid of their inner monsters.
Not by coincidence Capricorn Constellation stone the Garnet was used in old times to cure depression and protect against bad dreams and inners demons such as depression.

Capricorn Constellation Hues and Tones

It is not easy to win over the attention and the heart of a Capricorn, but once their walls break and their heart melts they stay committed for a lifetime.
Their relationships with other signs can be challenging due to their difficult character, but any shared feeling that comes from such a deep emotional place is a reward for their partner’s efforts. Shown sensitivity comes through acts rather than words, and years are often needed for them to open enough to chat about their actual emotional problems.
Capricorn Constellation stone the Garnet is also an ancient symbol of friendship. In the past, garnets have been exchanged between parting friends to symbolize their affection and to ensure that they meet again. In some circles of belief, it is said that a garnet’s magic cannot be accessed unless the stone has been cut

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