What it is A Jewelry Curator?

By the dictionary, Art is defined as a diverse range of human activities involving creative imagination to express technical proficiency, beauty, emotional power, or conceptual ideas. There is no generally agreed definition of what constitutes art, and ideas have changed over time

Art is a process of the produce of deliberately arranging elements in a way that appeals to the senses or emotions. It\’s a fact that the jewelry can evoke a feeling, a memory in us.

Curator is a word that comes from Latin that means \”cure\”, meaning \”to take care\”. I\’m a manager or overseer because I indeed sell jewelry but I\’m also a keeper of cultural heritage, I collect and sell jewelry that speaks to me. If this conversation wouldn\’t happen between me and the jewel, I will not be able to sell, because the piece doesn\’t say anything to me. I need to get involved with the interpretation and the heritage of the piece or the creation, to be able to explain to the client or guest, why this is piece it\’s so important not just for buy, fo is preserved.

What is the impact of this energy in jewelry to \”Those pieces that aspire to nothing and still can set a moment in infinity\” in our lives?

I see it: \”Like a genuine kind of Art\”. I decided that jewels cannot be just only for sale, it needs to explain, it needs to be taught, and maybe the audience doesn\’t believe that it\’s not an easy art to understand because it\’s so rich, so expensive, so rare, that it\’s evident to see the value. But value doesn\’t define art.

The problem and \”the worst about jewelry is when going after the easiest audience\” because is when we don\’t respect the vision and the work of the person and the team behind the jeweler designer. At some point I feel that we are depreciating them, minimizing their effort and capacity of creation. The work of a Jewelry Curator is: \”create a point of references to the audience thought other arts and compare with jewelry\”.

What a Jewelry Curator can Master?

Today the jewelry art needs to be understood and respected, needs to be explained for the audience to understand that a piece of creation it\’s beautiful not because has a gem of so many carats and is set in gold or titanium. It\’s beautiful because through the gems and the metals a person ambition a dream is transmitted in a jewel, it\’s because this person wants to tell us how it feels to see a flower, a star, a butterfly, a painting, a sculpture, a photograph, etc? in the form of a gemstone and metal.
Anything that is inside of their world or their mind as an artist. Anything could be an inspiration like in any other art. And still, I\’m not forgetting the work and the process made by nature, because without nature\’s hands this art wouldn\’t be as beautiful as it is. Man can indeed create diamonds in a lab, and emeralds and rubies. But still cannot create gold and silver and many other stones in nature.

A Jewelry Curator Master the art of understanding a Jewel beyond the evident. It creates as any other curator a concept around art, that understands \”The Beauty Beyond Consume\” because knows the obvious elements that make a jewel valuable; including history, time, place, status identity and believes that the jewel/s represent, like in any other arr it\’s easy. And of course like in any other art, jewelry is a very smart way of investment, and surprisingly I have found in my years of trading jewelry that still this is not a fully understood concept. But in a contradictory way, it\’s easy for the audience to understand jewelry as a symbol of social status, of an empire, or a specific role in history (example: The Cruz, a Crown, an army medal, etc).
But for a Jewelry Curator then should come those characteristics that are not so obvious at all beyond the means of acquiring wealth; the man\’s aspirations to reach perfection in form, design, and color. Creating a perfect portrayal of symmetry, order, and progression from nature to men in perfect repetition approaching us to those characteristics that we know just belong to the universe.

As Salvador Dalí said: \”Without the audience and the presence of spectators this art will not fulfill the function for which they came into being. The viewer is the ultimate artist, his sight, mind, heart, understanding fusing with the intent of the creator gives to the art LIFE.

A Jewelry Curator helps to awake the audience sensibility, helping them to acquire knowledge, esthetical skills and develop their point of view about this art, it\’s a work that looks to recognize the value of a jewel beyond the evident.

The most important piece in jewelry: The Story-Telling

Our appetite for stories is insatiable and digital story-telling on platforms like social media -Instagram Stories or Facebook Stories – and websites are triumphantly amplifying narratives of every day and the extraordinary, and sharing them wider than ever before. For the jewelry business, it has never been more important to connect with their audiences through the stories we (designers, sellers, curators) tell. The art of storytelling is the ability to speak to emotions, and communicate with your audience, with your authentic voice, in a way that truly connects.
The ket between jewelry and the guests/clients is how we bring our client’s past (when is about vintage creations), present and futures stories to life. Art is about that, jewelry is about that. The most important piece is a jewel: the STORY-TELLING.

I hope that this article or how I see and work jewelry has awake your curiosity and maybe awake an interest in you that you didn\’t expect to have about this art. If you are a person still looking for your way in life, I hope that you are considerate the jewelry business as an option, it\’s a beautiful work that I feel that is now when the public is giving the right and the respect that deserves, not just to the pieces, to art and the artist as well. I hope that you like and enjoy this article about what it is jewelry, what it\’s a \”Jewelry Curator\”, what does!

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