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Design Proposal

Style is how the artist portrays his or her subject matter and how the artist expresses his or her vision.
Style is determined by the characteristics that describe the artwork, such as the way the artist employs form, color, and composition in jewelry the Storytelling in the keyword to describe the artwork: the color, the shape, the composition, and technique used all come into play in determining the art piece\’s style in a jewel.
The objective in their design is to create Masterpieces of Cultural and Intangible Heritage.
The clear influences that we can find in any Spanish jewelry design are the Gothic and Islamic a beautiful melange of two cultures and art styles, making the jewels a wonder of culture to see live.
Spain has been influenced by many other countries over the centuries due to its geographical position such as France and Italy adding richness and drama, even in the most simple jewel because of their powerful proposal, audacious in its colors and mystical in its mood.

How To Wear It

Drama, romanticism, fantasy, symbols of pleasure, color, joy, and welcome, the Muslim and Mozarab mix in Spain is what it will be projected in any jewelry design to wear.
Causing a social engagement with the holder of the jewel, because who can not relate to a story well say, that you can follow like the flight of a butterfly and them make your continuity and end because you will be the only possessor of the story.
Evocation the strong, extreme, and dramatic thoughts of passionate minds (which is by nature the Spanish temperament), through artistic hands in a Jewel.
At the time to decide to use a Spanish design jewel, we must consider that the objects are created without utility just with the sole purpose of creating a piece of beauty executed marvelously because for the Spanish temper Beauty is virtuous by itself over the utilitarian and the material.
The objective isn\’t be created to be in steel vaults, they are created to please the eye, uplift the spirit, stir the imagination, and express thoughts and convictions.
This is the kind of art that you will wear and project.

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