Jewelry and Technology a Starting Romance

Without the improvement of technology we will no enjoy the precision and the complicated designs that we enjoy in these days in the craftsmanship of jewelry; more than a revolution powered by Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) hardware, such as 3-D printers, also includes aspects like the Ela collection by the smart jewelry company, Viawear.

The collection called Ela never needs charging and looks like a smart pearl that uses NFC (near field communication) to connect with Android devices and save precious memories, also can bring smartphone notifications to your wrist with a subtle glow and maybe a vibration. Core Jewels unveiled a new collection of diamond jewelry in Japan that is branded \”One-Time of Love\” with NFC tech that can unlock private digital content on computers and Android phones evoking the richness and emotional connection, of your personal memories that just your loved ones can share, this will become the future of high-end jewelry, according to the company.

And one of my favorite stories is when Pininfarina had teamed up with Christophe & Co. to create a high-tech bracelet called Armills made in a carbon fiber and with 18K gold frame with diamonds includes automated with venue access, one-touch valet service, and secure transactions. The battery is powered by a kinetic energy generation system that allows the bracelet to run for one year between charges, maded for those extraordinary individuals who not only achieve greatness in their own right but inspire it in others.

The bracelet has a price tag of $150,000. Do you think that this is the only one future of the jewelry with the technology?

Let us walk throughout other examples that are happening right now in the jewelry business:

We are sure that we can be agreed in the fact that we live in a time of technological advancements, and as you might have experienced, technology does, in fact, make our lives easier and better.

When it comes to the jewelry manufacturing industry, you might have noticed that innovative tech has significantly impacted this industry, especially when it comes to concepts as we mentioned before such as CAD, 3D printing, as well as laser cutting.

But this how technological innovations are impact the jewelry industry:

• Tech Can Now Be Worn for improve your Quality Life
More and more people are interested in wearing jewelry that incorporates technology, such as monitoring your heartbeat. Wearable tech has a certain purpose, which means that rings, bracelets, and even necklaces are becoming smart. They can easily be connected to different devices such as your smartphone or PC, which you can then use for monitoring different things including your exercises, phone calls, and so on.

• CAD is the most Popular tool
Although you might not know this, CAD (computer-aided design) is more popular than ever in the jewelry making industry. Why? because allows you to try out different designs and layouts, and they can basically cut and paste different motifs from previous work to create new pieces.
Jewelry design is a complex process, however, with CAD, people can now zoom in on their design, which allows them to add or remove even the smallest details. This does not only mean that they can produce intricate designs but, it also means that they’ll be able to do it more precisely.

• 3D Printing is Here to Stay Forever
When manufacturers started using CAD with the combination of 3D printing, they soon realized that it is possibly the best thing that happened in the entire industry. These two innovative methods together allow individuals to create brass, bronze, gold, copper, and silver fashion jewelry. At the same time customers can correct mistakes, and be involved in the entire design process, which opens up even more opportunities.

• Laser Cutting is Now Improved
When it comes to the world of technology, lasers are not a new thing. They are most commonly used for decorating, engraving, welding, as well as cutting various pieces. Additionally, there is one more thing laser cutting helps people with: securing and making their pieces anti-theft, microscopically carving various ID markers on all precious metals and gems, but as a counterpart is more difficult to steal and sell later on.

• Did You Hear About Electroforming?
Electroforming allows people to create pieces that are durable and strong, and completely lightweight. During the production process, a thick layer of silver and gold is manufactured, which enables the pieces to be lightweight. Naturally, there is a wide range of electroforming types. When it comes to gold and silver, it is most commonly done within a stony electrolyte bath in several alloys. But, when working with pure platinum and heated baths, individuals are required to opt for platinum electroforming.

• Complete Customization
Engraving anything that it\’s required in a pendant, ring, bracelet, or necklace, however, innovativing methods such as lasers allow people to customize their jewelry pieces even further. This means that they can opt for almost anything, from the metal used to the precious stones, all the way to customized engraving.

• The Shopping Experience is Improved
Technology did not only improve the overall manufacturing process but, it influenced other parts of the industry as well, more specifically, the customer experience. In the past, people had to go to jewelry stores in order to purchase something, but, today, they can perfectly browse online and order the pieces that they want. This opens up more possibilities for both jewelry stores and people looking to buy different pieces, especially since they can do it from the comfort of their home at any time.

And for moments as unexpected as the Coronavirus, stores can remain operational even though the physical stores might be closed.

• Tech Saves Time
Now manufacturers are quicker with their processes, and more efficient and precise.
As you were able to read and learn, there is a wide range of ways that technology impacts the world of jewelry making. Not only are the manufacturers now able to produce wearable tech and completely transform the experiences of their customers, but, they can also save a lot of time and money during the production process.

But with all this technology let\’s not forget the most important person at the beginning of the jewelry manufacturing process: The Jewelry Designer.

In IA during a whole year and now with new members in the team we have a clear purpose in the jewelry industry: \”DEFEND THE AUTHORITY OF THE DESIGNER\”. The jewelry designer can be inspired by many emotions: the desire for beauty, the need for acceptance, the urge to impress, or to show commitment.

The design urges us to express reverence, loyalty, or remembrance, this is where we can find the jewelry designer dreaming. So it\’s clear that any dream that a jewelry designer has started with an inspiration. And inspiration can come from the intended users\’ desires and needs, fashion trends, artisan\’s dreams as the materials and gems dictate the direction of the design. In short, a jewelry designer must either think about the person who will be enjoying the works along with their lifestyle and needs or consider the precious gem or material that is before them how to best bring out its beauty.

After the illustration from color painting, a simple basic sketch, or CAD jewelry design, the next step is a construction where is almost impossible for artisans to anticipate all of the engineering issues encountered in jewelry fabrication and stone setting, this is the reason why? design alterations continue as the masterpiece evolves at the hand of the craftsman. Sometimes when the jewelry design revolves around the gemstone decisions about symmetry and character are going to be made.

Most designers find that gems or stones dictate the shape of jewelry, and the artist determines the mood. What is clear is that It\’s a process, it takes a team to reach a masterpiece, but everything starts with an inspiration, a draw, a sketch, a dream.

What do you think?

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