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Who is Elena Votsi

“Elena Votsi” is a Greek jewelry designer who was born, lives and works in one of the Hydra Islands. Hydra has a special and dramatic meaning, originally is a many-headed serpent monster in the Greek Mythology that was slain by Hercules and each head of which when cut off was replaced by two others; meaning that it could be a multifarious evil not to be overcome by a single effort. Where we are going with all this? Let us explain!

Elena Votsi has been passionately inspired by jewelry from a very young age. Her first degree at the School of Fine Arts in Athens was in painting. Her master’s degrees are from the Royal College of Art in London in Jewelry. Two different areas but not too far apart, that allowed her to think as a painter and artist when required, and as a jewelry designer when needed too.

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If you look carefully in her pieces, you can experience her background in painting because is inevitable; and if you know the Colombian painter “Fernando Botero”, your thoughts about Elena’s jewelry will take you to him. Elena Votsi and Fernando Botero art are minimalistic, clean, and have a clear message going with it. Both have an amazing domain of volume, space and dimension, expressing sensuality, femininity with boldness, security and strengthen at the same time. The result is a timeless elegance, without mattering the scale of the piece large or small is still elegant!

In 2003, The Olympic Committee chose Elena’s designs for the first official “updating” of the medal since the 1928 Amsterdam Olympic Games, for the Athens 2004 Olympic Medal and more recently with the medals for the Brazilian Games in 2016.

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Elena Votsi Jewelry Pieces

In 2009, she won the Couture Design Award in the category “Best in the New-to-Couture,” a category for first-time exhibitors at the Las Vegas show for her handmade 18-karat gold ring with diamonds.

Can you see her range in design? Like Hydra, in this case, a serpent monster dedicated to designing jewelry, we believe that for one amazing design she will create two more, becoming a multifarious artist that cannot be overcome by a single concept.

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