Dior Rings Inspired in Versailles Palace Secrets

Some secrets are hilarious, some are scandalous, some are sad, and most secrets are mundane; and we believe all those kinds of secrets happened in Versailles Palace, in a time where everything was so extravagant.

However, they were delightful ones too; like the love between two people share when they secretly love each other. The kind of secret love that will lead you to a special intimacy, with absolute certainty that no one can know his own beauty, his own worth until it has been reflected back to him in the mirror of another loving human being.

Can a ring keep the secret wonder of how people feels when they get close and have the capacity to heal each other’s wounds; repair their broken skin?.

Real intimacy is a sacred experience. It never exposes its secret trust and belonging, to the voyeuristic eye of a neon-pop culture.

Real intimacy belongs to the soul, and the soul is reserved, the soul is beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing, is the field where two people meet; the grass where the world is just perfect and too full for the talk about it.

The deepest and most beautiful secret: “Being understood and understanding someone else”.

For us “Dior Rings Inspired in Versailles Palace Secrets” is a beautiful collection of engagement rings.

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