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Butterfly jewelry can be an inspirational gift to someone who is embarking on a challenge or a life-changing journey. As a symbol of love, butterfly accents are a sentimental addition to wedding and bridal jewelry.

Butterflies are deep and powerful representations of life. Many cultures associate the butterfly with our souls. The Christian religion sees the butterfly as a symbol of resurrection. Around the world, people view the butterfly as representing endurance, change, hope, and life.

Butterflies are about Dare to be Wear; the Butterfly design independently the style is about to take space in an invisible way in the orbit of the viewer.

Butterflies are going to be always a design to look at or consider to be part of your jewelry collection because is a design that can give a point of view about dreams, hopes, pop, cinema, and environmentalism or sometimes we can admire a so dramatic design that we can feel the wings of apocalypses.

There is always going to be something too new to admire in the realm of the Butterfly World. In the end, jewelry isn\’t about \”fitting in\” is about \”expressing the core of yourself\” and being able to be interpreted for those who see it and appreciate it.


Are not we each one of us to butterfly at some point in our life? At least we possess their capacity for gestation and transformation. Like butterflies, we are creatures of seasons, and over the years we change and mature. We do not give up before the miracle happens, is it not one of the purposes of jewelry to dominate the metalized and rocky soul of nature to transform it through machines, hands, sketches into works of art? The final result of the union of the best of two worlds: nature + man = art. With all the right of expression from the jewelry artists, telling a story or simply the reinterpretation of reality, how they feel and perceive it, giving us the most amazing metamorphosis, the most beautiful butterfly: Creation.


A butterfly in jewelry design is a design always in evolution, can go from romantic to theatrical punk poetry and give to any look a powerful contrast with an edge independently of the Butterfly Style that you have chosen to wear doesn\’t matter your gender, because a Butterfly Jewelry Design is about to propose new original ways to recreate what we think that we already know or understand.

A Butterfly Jewelry Design is about projected with a connection between the spiritual representation that the design has in jewelry and the actual present that we live in now, this is why is a design that can always be redesigned and reinterpreted.

When you wear a Butterfly Jewelry Design have always present that you are at that moment representing a metamorphosis of the meaning, the symbol, and the moment that you are living into reality.

In IA we really hope to give you another approach of how to wear a Butterfly Jewelry Design.

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