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Jewelry Art

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Curated Jewelry

by Ines Arenas






Our Storytelling

We’ll take you through the splendid and delightful world of jewelry, the unique and exquisite way “Ines Arenas Jewels” reveals it: rich in history, culture and sensitivity, being that how we distinguish and difference ourselves far apart from others.

As Jewelry Curators one of our main purposes in Jewelry industry is to

“Defend the Authority of the Designer”.

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In “The Beauty of a Jewel Beyond its Consumption”, we’ll walk you thru the meaning, origin and soul of the creation that an artist wants to transmit in a piece; not only to at knowledge the technical part and its value, as well to feel empathy and developing your sensibility to this art. 

Curated Articles

by Ines Arenas

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    The Pearl City by Ines Arenas

    The city, in its daily poetry, vibrates like a multicolored metal, where each window is a pearl, a star of water, held by iridescent torrents of burning metal. The pearls create cities of light that spread at night in a path of lanterns that illuminate your neck. Pearls are those cities where I want to […] More

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    Blooming Jewelry

    It would be impossible to imagine a world without flowers, without their perfume, without their joy, without their beauty expressed in infinite shapes and countless colors. Every moment of human life is, in one way or another, related to the existence of flowers. If we sharpen our senses and open our minds, the flowers in […] More

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    Through a Brooch by Ines Arenas Jewelry Gallery

    In the end, I did not have the scented flowers that would keep you next to me and that were recorded. In the development of our relationship, the Sun was imprisoned in a Cloud and in that instant of dark peace our shadows woke up and our love made at the end of a toy […] More

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    Make a Garden in Your Chest With A Flower Pendant

    Where there was nothing I came to do. Where there was nothing I felt. Where there was nothing I grew up … and where there was nothing, an Eden of fresh and soft grass was born and I was no longer alone, suddenly I was surrounded by butterflies that crossed life with wings in the […] More

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    Falling in Love Without Judgments

    The child asked me what it is to be in love? A very clever question. Faced with such an intelligent question, I could not answer anything or in any way; so I thought about my answer, and I replied very seriously and solemnly: “It is the culminate beauty that others try to hide in a […] More

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