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The oldest jewelry piece ever found has 100,000 years old.


In ancient Rome only high ranking people were allowed to use rings.


USA is the world’s biggest consumer of diamonds.

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In “The Beauty of a Jewel Beyond its Consumption”, we’ll walk you thru the meaning, origin and soul of the creation that an artist wants to transmit in a piece; not only to at knowledge the technical part and its value, as well to feel empathy and developing your sensibility to this art.

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The Time Machine.

This incredible instrument not just marks the pass, the present, and the future; is a machine that helps to grant commitments, frames happy and sad moments, remember what we are leaving behind, and of course all the wasted time. The past or the future does not matter at the end because for the Time Machine the important time is the Present!

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The Timeless Jewel. Volume 1

Discover the social, political, religious and powerful message behind a jewel. What did these historical characters say with their necklaces, rings, and bracelets? Enjoy a piece of history from another perspective with Ines Arenas Jewels.

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The Creative Energy of Life.

This narration blends perfectly a beautiful story with exquisite jewelry pieces. What is the impact of this energy in jewelry to “Those pieces that aspire to nothing and still can set a moment in infinity” in our lives?
Come and discovery it in the first Virtual Exposition of Ines Arenas!

Our Storytelling

Inside Ines Arenas Jewelry

We’ll take you through the splendid and delightful world of jewelry, the unique and exquisite way “Ines Arenas Jewels” reveals it: rich in history, culture and sensitivity, being that how we distinguish and difference ourselves far apart from others.

As Jewelry Curators one of our main purposes in Jewelry industry is to “Defend the Authority of the Designer”.

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