Hutton Wilkinson

Tony Duquette and his partner: The Jewelry Designer Hutton Wilkinson.

“Hutton Wilkinson” was born in Los Angeles, California; and grew up in a family of architects. At the age of eighteen, he had the opportunity to start to working with the American design icon, “Tony Duquette”. @HuttonWilkinson worked for Duquette as a volunteer apprentice for two years and then as a paid assistant designer for three years, before starting his own interior design firm.

This professional association with Tony Duquette collaborating in partnership lasted twenty-five years.

As we wrote in the article about designers in the last April, the brilliant designer Tony Duquette was a creative force whose designs extended from painting and sculpture, to stage sets and interiors, to costumes and jewelry. After creating the famous “Floral Wreath” necklace, commissioned by the Duke of Windsor for his wife in the early 1950s; Duquette went on to complete jewelry commissions for special clients through his career until his death at the age of 85 years old in 1999. After Duquette death, Wilkinson continues as the owner, creative director and president of Tony Duquette Inc.; and still today he continues to design and market fine jewelry as well as a collection of home furnishings.

In 1998 Wilkinson and Duquette, launched a collection of one-of-a-kind, fine jewelry, which has been popularly accepted by both the public and the fashion press. Since the success of this new enterprise, Wilkinson has devoted much of his time to the design of these unique jeweled creations under the “Tony Duquette” trademark in the most exclusive stores across the USA.

Inspired by nature and a creative assemblage of stones and design, Hutton’s one of a kind pieces for Tony Duquette are mini masterpieces. As Hutton explains, “The Tony Duquette collector not only appreciates these pieces as works of art but also for the sheer pleasure they bring regardless of whether they are comprised of pebbles and shells found washed up on the beach or diamonds and rubies”. Magazine: quintesscense. Tony Duquette | Hutton Wilkinson Jewelry at Kentshire. on June 24, 2016 by Stacey Bewkes

Tony Duquette Jewelry is not for those seeking dainty understated jewels. These are bold, spectacular statement pieces, rich in color, detailing and extravagant workmanship. As Hutton explains, “We have no snobbery of materials at Duquette and treat the lowest moonstone to the same extravagant workmanship in gold that other jewelers might lavish on a precious diamond”.



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