Van Cleef and Arpels

The Dutch diamond-cutter Alfred Van Cleef and his father-in-law, Salomon Arpels, founded the company in 1896. In 1906, following Arpels’s death, Alfred and two of his brothers-in-law, Charles and Julien, acquired space for Van Cleef & Arpels at 22 Place Vendôme, across from the Hôtel Ritz, where Van Cleef & Arpels opened its first boutique […]

“The Butterfly’s Shadow” by Ines Arenas Jewelry Gallery

There are always two butterflies, one white and its shadow, in their flight, they raise a fine dusting of copper color, both lives are green flames that are growing, and suddenly their beauty can be truncated, and it becomes a cold and superb beauty, richly bordered in gold dust. In the end, it does survive, […]

“The Art, The Power, The Word” by Ines Arenas Jewelry Gallery

The Arts & Crafts Movement is mainly associated with the figure of William Morris (far left) architect, a craftsman, painter, designer, writer, poet, activist, doctor, and politician. One of William Morris’s most famous sayings includes the quote, “If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: Have nothing in your houses […]

“New Horizons” by Ines Arenas Jewelry Gallery

A dazzling Pure Gold Aurora is our new orient. A fire of colors. And with absolute silence, we pay tribute to the World from where we can contemplate a Vehement Sunset. Curated Assembling Related To This Perspective We have chosen these pieces as part of the proposal of what can be understood in a Necklace […]

“Mystical Tunnel” by Ines Arenas Jewelry Gallery.

Mythological animals are fire animals that come out of mystical tunnels and walk through gardens of stars, they are born of golden roses, and their sound is of invisible wings and clear trills. Thanks to them, the light of day is not empty. They will always fly into the fire of the setting Sun, in […]