Cartier was founded in 1847 in Paris by the Cartier jeweler Louis-François Cartier, who in 1899 handed it over to his three sons. They would establish the company internationally, not least by making the Cartier name a favorite among the crowned heads of Europe. is a French luxury goods conglomerate that designs, manufactures, distributes, and […]

“Stronger Better You” by Ines Arenas Jewelry Gallery

Love is the only medicine against death, the only way to stop being the “One” that you were before. Becoming compassionate is something extraordinary, it is an unprecedented jewel because compassion is the “Rational Love”, the love that is conscious of being so that is no longer an Animal Comfort. The freedom I want is […]

“New Horizons” by Ines Arenas Jewelry Gallery

A dazzling Pure Gold Aurora is our new orient. A fire of colors. And with absolute silence, we pay tribute to the World from where we can contemplate a Vehement Sunset. Curated Assembling Related To This Perspective We have chosen these pieces as part of the proposal of what can be understood in a Necklace […]