“Safari Tourmaline Necklace” by Jewel of Africa


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Safari Tourmaline Necklace
18 kt yellow gold.
18 kt black gold.
© Jewel of Africa.



Jewel of Africa is a proudly Zambian company; established in 1993 by Dr. K. B Sharma. It was built on the premise of commitment, honesty and teamwork. With these values, the company has stood the test of time by manufacturing the exquisite jewelry by using the locally sourced gemstones of the finest quality.

Jewel of Africa currently operates seven jewelry stores in Zambia and a sister company in the USA. The USA company’s inception is the result of the trade agreement in place between Zambia and the United States of America known as the AGOA Act (African Growth and Opportunity Act, 2000).With over two decades of experience our master jewelers give each piece of jewelry intimate attention to bring out the exquisite beauty hidden in every precious stone or valuable metal.


The ewelry pieces are designed and handmade in our workshop in Lusaka, Zambia, specifically the \”The Safari\” Tourmaline Necklace of Zambia, captures ol thing about Africa\’s savanna. From the clear blue sky to the richness of the land in the soil with its fauna and flora.


Jewel of Africa is a family company with 25 years of experience in jewelry design that by the hand of Ms. Rashmi Sharma has created a necklace that capture a rising horizon at sunrise or sunset of Africa.
It will worth the effort to ask to the gemologist and jewelry designer Rashmi Sharma: where and how long took to find that beautiful tourmaline in emerald cut for be fuse with the orange-brown degrade color of the gold and the perfect setting of a few ebony color trees at the same time be able to organize the wild animals around this this crystalline stone that evokes the lights of a sunrise and a sunset of the continent where the life started: Africa.

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