Palio Ring


In the realm of jewelry, innovation knows no bounds, and Alessio Boschi’s “Siena Piazza” Ring is an extraordinary testament to this creativity. As you gaze upon this exceptional piece, you’ll be transported to the heart of Siena’s historic Piazza del Campo, where history, architecture, and elegance intertwine.

A Symphony of Gems: The focal point of this masterpiece is a square emerald, set delicately within a warm embrace of pink gold. Encircling this emerald are champagne diamonds, meticulously placed to recreate the very essence of Siena’s renowned square. The proportions, the geometry, and the spirit of the Piazza are all captured in the pavé of sparkling diamonds. As your eyes trace the lines of the ring, you’ll notice white diamonds with baguette cuts, meticulously outlining the triangular divisions of the square.

Imagination Unleashed: What truly sets this gem apart is its boundless imagination. A hidden surprise lies within – with a gentle touch, the ring opens to reveal a microcosm of Siena’s iconic Palio race. Miniature horses, each representing a different district, gallop around the inner circumference of the ring. Their vibrant symbols, just like those adorning the banners of Siena, add a touch of historic authenticity and storytelling to this exquisite piece.

Palatial Beauty: Turning your attention to the heart of the Piazza, you’ll find the historic Palazzo Pubblico symbolized by a resplendent cushion-cut yellow beryl. This nod to Siena’s architectural heritage is a testament to Alessio Boschi’s commitment to capturing the essence of not just a place but also its rich history and culture.

A Jewel Beyond Compare: Alessio Boschi’s “Siena Piazza” Ring is not merely jewelry; it is wearable art that transports you to a place where time stands still. It’s an homage to Siena’s architectural beauty, its vibrant history, and the timeless traditions that continue to captivate the world. With this ring, you don’t just wear a gem; you carry a piece of history and the spirit of Siena with you, wherever you go.

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