“Dragon Pendant” by Carrera and Carrera


Gold Dragon Pendant with Chain.
18K.90 mm
© Carrera and Carrera.



Carrera y Carrera is a Spanish jewelry company.Headquartered in San Agustín del Guadalix, Madrid, its origins date back to 1885 when Saturio Esteban Carrera opened a small jewelry workshop in the Barrio de las Letras. During the 1970s, his great-grandsons Manuel Carrera and Juan José Carrera created the brand, after which the company has had several owners. Currently the company has subsidiaries in New York City, Tokyo, Moscow, and UAE.

In 2000, Manuel Carrera received a Medal from the Russian Academy of Arts. Currently, the Spanish Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences grants a Carrera y Carrera ring for its Maja de los Goya award during its Goya Awards ceremony. Also the National Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences of Russia grants with the Golden Eagle Award (Russia) designed by Carrera y Carrera.




Spain and China meet thanks to the Carrera y Carrera maison, to create the \”Circles of Fire\” collection, and in these designs the Spanish passion gives life to one of the strongest and longest-lived symbols of the Chinese culture \”The Dragon\” ruler of water and time. Carrera y Carrera is a house with more than 130 years of jewelry tradition, and in this collection that is my favorite of the house, all the creations are loaded with such a strong symbolism, that it is really incredible that two countries of such different cultures, when they have come together in their art and beliefs they have a mutual artistic understanding, creating pieces that probably some think I exaggerate, but this collection is going to become legendary like the creations made by Cartier for María Félix, just to name one of many . The Dragon in China is a symbol of knowledge and strength, and therefore they are benevolent; the Spanish character admires the culture, the strength of the authority provided with gallantry and grace; I think this is the meeting point between these two cultures and this is what the Carrera y Carrera house understood about their muse. China the descendants of the dragon, how could they resist to not follow Spain ?, always alive and noble. Carrera y Carrera has the answer in its emblem \”…. and the wildest hearts never stop beating\”, and I would add: always found each other.

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