Chasm Ring. The Engagement Ring of the Wonder.

The “Chasm Ring” from Armoura house is the piece that IA has chosen as the engagement ring for August.

The inspiration for this creation is the Grand Canyon, Nevada; considerate to be one of the seven wonders of the natural world.

@ArmouraJewelry explains that “Looking from one cliff top to the next, your senses become heightened, you’re acutely aware of the height, landscape, vast open sky, distances, rock formations and chasm below you”. Like the setting of brown diamonds that play with the perspective on their concave surface and are lined either side by 62 skies colored aquamarines to compliment the 276 brown diamonds.

The science facts are for example that the Grand Canyon is still changing shape, a river “The Colorado River” as the pink marquise cut diamond suspended between the walls of the chasm flows through the canyon and combined with the wind and the rain, shaping still the rocks over time. The changing is too slow to see, but it is changing nonetheless.

Armoura Chasm Ring The Engagement Ring of the Wonder

The stones of the Grand Canyon are 250 million-year-old rock (the most recent ones) and this layer of rocks lie directly against 1.2 billion-year-old rocks and more.

Some tribes from the USA considered the Grand Canyon a gateway to the afterlife.

Humanity has always believed that if you have not loved you have not lived yet, so love is a place o emergence like the afterlife; just like the Grand Canyon.

Maybe only when we walked upon this earth, and upon the wind, and upon the waters, we will found love, we will found ourselves in front of the abysm of Love as a Grand Canyon.


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Written by Mose

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