Ines Arenas jewelers started in Madrid (Spain) in the wintertime when me (Mose) I was getting ready to go out and I wanted to wear a yellow gold pullover, made of a beautiful little bulky fabric but not too much, which I didn’t know how to combine it or wear it with. So my grandmother, Ines Arenas, came to me and told me when I look at myself in the mirror, I immediately fell in love with these color combination.” Because it represents the femininity, the delicate and sweet manners of my grandmother. Was her personality and love for beauty, art and that took me to the path of the art of timeless, tradition, inspiring and loving meaning: Jewelry.

In “Ines Arenas Jewels” we reveal jewelry: rich in history, culture and sensitivity, being that how we distinguish and difference ourselves far apart from others.


Our main purpose in the Jewelry industry is to “Defend the Authority of the Designer”. We see jewelry as an art, rein-vindicating and respecting the authorship of the designer or the Maison that designer represents. Designers and artisans work hand by hand, together both parts have the responsibility to transmit in a piece a symbol, an idea, a dream, a vision, and a feeling.

We will reveal to you all the magical essence that surrounds a piece, in a way that will seduce you to start your jewelry collection with us.

In our team we count with:

  • Elisa Rodriguez Artist Plastic Curator.
  • Evencio Hernández Senior Developer.
  • Mose Jewelry Curator.
  • Ramón Sifuentes Lead Developer.
  • Valentina Marin Graphic Designer.
  • Vanessa Lopez Brand Manager.

“Gold is a metal that symbolizes wealth and is forever. Precious stones have existed since the beginning of time. Tradition is the greatest inheritance”.


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