Master the art of understanding a Jewel beyond the evident

Redefine the World of Jewelry with a series of Vitual Expo’s that we have created to awake your sensibility, helping you to acquire knowledge, skills and develop your own point of view on this art. Become an expert and recognize the value of a jewel beyond the evident.

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Narration of “The Creative Energy of Life. The Energy that Creates Human Destiny”.

The narration blends perfectly a beautiful story with exquisite jewelry pieces, and this presentation can be applied to anything and everything in our lives.

What is the impact of this energy in jewelry to “Those pieces that aspire to nothing and still can set a moment in infinity” in our lives?

Come and discover the first Virtual Exposition of Ines Arenas!

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“Without the audience and the presence of spectators these art will not fulfill the function for which they came into being.

The viewer is the ultimate artist, his sight, mind, heart, understanding fusing with the intent of the creator gives to this art LIFE.”

Salvador Dalí.-

Next Expositions

We have prepared a different exposition for each month, in which you will be able to discover, through conceptualized narratives, the different faces of millions of pieces. You can take a look at what’s coming in the next few months below.
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To The Survivors

By the dictionary, a "Survivor is a person who copes well with difficulties in their life", and a “Co-survivor” is sometimes used to describe a person who has cared for a loved one with difficulties. In October, month of Breast Cancer Awareness, in IA we honor the people that remind us what is important in life.

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The Time Machine

This incredible instrument not just marks the pass, the present, and the future; is a machine that helps to grant commitments, frames happy and sad moments, remember what we are leaving behind, and of course all the wasted time. The past or the future doesn't matter at the end because for the Time Machine the important time is the Present!

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Primary Colors

Primary colors are everywhere when we take the time to notice. As a person, you are likely inspired by the colors you see in the world. How can them inspire you in the Jewelry World?

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In “The Beauty of a Jewel Beyond its Consumption”, we’ll walk you thru the meaning, origin and soul of the creation that an artist wants to transmit in a piece; not only to at knowledge the technical part and its value, as well to feel empathy and developing your sensibility to this art.

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