Annoushka Ducas

“Annoushka Ducas” starts her jewelry journey as a jewelry designer not going to the design school.

Ducas explains in one of her many interviews: “I became a jeweler in quite an unusual way. My mother ran a fish business and supplied produce to lots of restaurants in London. One day she asked me to make her 60 pairs of fish cufflinks as a gift for the chefs she worked with. I found a great cast in the Philippines and realized that it would be cheaper to make 120 instead. The chefs loved the gifts and I ended up selling the additional cufflinks to a buyer at Harvey Nichols. That’s how I discovered my love for designing jewelry”.

She studies in the Sorbonne in Paris in the 1980s and after that, she embarked on the first of many extensive world travels, stopping to spend time in Hong Kong, where she first began to design jewelry.

In July 2009, @annoushkajewellery launched with her husband John Ayton the brand Annoushka Jewelry.

The pieces that she creates are with precious or semi-precious stones, handmade with an intricate and real narrative behind them. In the majority of her collections, she uses textured gold which is rarely polished so that the pieces can feel more tactile.

For her, is not about the trends; is more about what the piece means to the audience and how it feels on the skin, how it moves with the body.

Our favorite aspect in Ines Arenas about this jewelry designer is that she enjoys working with different jewelers, test different techniques and approaches, especially if they’re from other countries. Meaning that her pieces have as a requirement of quality: “Personal and made slowly, with care. They can’t just be showy; they have to tell a story.”

This woman is not afraid as a professional to be out of her comfort zone. She moves with her designs, she feels life as an adventure in her own unique way.

Ducas express in her jewelry, a very contemporary approach without sacrificing individualism and personality, two aspects that doesn’t have anything to do with age or time.

Her favorite project is teaching and learning with her students at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design….is just a BOLD work!!

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