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INES ARENA JEWELS is the art of revealed jewelry. MOSE is the soul behind INES ARENA JEWELS. She is the heiress of a family tradition of three generations on two continents.

INES ARENAS was an elegant Rioja (Spain) of steel temper woman, who possessed a classic beauty and had an interesting special sensibility for jewelry. Her main passion was the family, while her personal passion was the jewels, achieving a collection of exquisitely chosen magnificent treasures, which she inherited from hers descendants, along with a tradition of how to understand and show off a jewel.

Meanwhile, in the gold mines of Venezuela, MOSE’s maternal family built a solid reputation as jewelers, which spread across several countries. MOSE, above all, is passionate about jewelry. She started in this wonderful world as a collector, and then devoted herself to the family business. Studied and graduated as a gemologist, appraisal, design and management; with a vast experience in jewelry companies in El Callao and Caracas (Venezuela), Port of Spain (Trinidad & Tobago), San Juan (Puerto Rico), Barcelona (Spain), and more recently, in Miami (USA), where she explores new, more modern and avant-garde ways of bringing the client closer to the world of jewelry.

INES ARENAS JEWELS is a tradition of prestige and elegance; a duty with excellence, to offer the most expert know-how and the best quality of service. Each one of her jewels involves encountering the glamour, class and sophistication that evokes a person of distinction. A piece that is bought for its value or for its beauty that remains in the family; setting in the infinite a legacy for future generations, a generational tradition with a permanent search for the innovative and contemporary.

“Gold is a metal that symbolizes wealth and is forever. Precious stones have existed since the beginning of time. Tradition is the greatest inheritance”, Mose.-

The Reason of the Colors of Ines Arenas Jewels


Thanks to a beautiful and meanful anecdote between Mose and her grandmother Ines Arenas, is the reason why the colors of the brand are yellow gold and dark brown.

Mose explains:

“Everything started in Madrid (Spain) in winter time, when I was getting ready to go out and wanted to wear a yellow gold pullover, made of a beautiful little bulky fabric but not too much, which I didn’t know how to combine it or wear it with. So my grandmother, the special Ines Arenas, came to me and told me <Mose, what about if you put on these trousers that you have in the closet?> I remember putting on a pair of dark almost chocolate color trousers that I had and when I look at myself in the mirror, I
immediately fell in love with these color combination.”

Ines Arenas had a manner with her sweetness and joy, making everything so easy flowing, in a warm, welcoming, so chic and powerful feminine way, even the last time a had the greatness to spend with her!

This special moment that I treasure in my heart, was the one that inspires me to create the brand colors of Ines Arenas Jewels around. Timeless, tradition, inspiring and loving meaning!

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